We give only Software warranty on every Mobile Phone.
Only Phone that are sold on Luxuryvertumobileindia.in are warranted by us. You need not even step out of your house. Our team has made sure that everything is in order and perfect and make sure the customer never has to sulk over any such matter.
Our only request to you in such cases is not to toss away the packaging components, as that is the main part that keeps the product safe in transit and also to ensure proper delivery to the warehouse. We provide impeccable customer service and we only mean for you to use to properly to your advantage.

Please note that this “WARRANTY” is different from our “20 Day Replacement Guarantee”.

In the 20 Day Replacement Guarantee we exchange the defective product with a brand new product whereas here in ‘Warranty’ we do not exchange your product but repair it free of cost.

Warranty covered:-
If the product is not functioning properly are covered.
Our warranty covers all the expenses of the product inclusive of the courier & transit charges and the repair costs. You do not have to shell out a single penny from your pocket.

Note: The warranty is not valid for any physical damage caused to the product because of any accidents or improper use of the customer. We do repair the damages that are caused to the Phone, but the customer is charged for that repair work.

Warranty services:-
Our warranty services are quick and easy. Most importantly you have to pay nothing for the courier and also not step out of the house even (If pick up service is not available, then you have to go to near Courier Office).
We send over a courier boy the very next day to pick up the package (please note that due to certain unexpected conditions like festivals or national bands the courier boy is unable to come the very next day, but 95% of the times that does not happen).
We assure you that your product after repairs will reach you back within the week. Due to some issues or the extent of repair work it can get a bit time consuming, but it will never take more than 10 days for you to have your product back in your hands.

Before returning an item for repairing, please go through “20 Day Replacement Guarantee” Page and read carefully the process of how to return the shipment.

You very well must be aware as to how if you but any genuine product and if it needs some repair work, the authorized service centers consume loads of time and you have to yourself carry the product to the center and back. Plus on top of that the repair work takes more than a month and after lots of visits you get your product back.
We do not do that; we do all the heavy lifting for you so you have to do absolutely nothing. This is how good our customer service is as we believe in 100% customer satisfaction.

Our warranty schemes are as follows:-
1 Year Warranty:
This warranty allows for three courier pickups to send the product for repair work. In case the product needs to be sent for repair again within this period, then the customer has to shell out for the courier charges.

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